The Creative Portfolio

of James Ostime

Plays for Young People

I have written several plays for high school aged performers which have been produced for One Act Festivals for several years. It’s my belief that a great deal of plays written for teenagers come across preachy, condescending, or out of touch. Not only that, but teens are often expected to perform heavy and dramatic “issue” plays that deal with topics like drug abuse and pregnancy. I’d rather teenage performers get more fun stuff to do. These pieces are comedic with some serious moments, not demanding in terms of technical cues, and feature even ensembles of male and female characters, with many written as either male or female to accommodate any casting.


The following five works are not published by a third party, and so can be available by arrangement with me. To read a copy of any of these plays, please contact through the contact page. I would love these plays to reach a wider audience and enjoy further performances, so let’s work together to bring exciting work to your school or drama club!



(3M, 3F, 3 M or F)

“As student council elections begin at Norville High, everyone assumes a popular football jock will take the presidency. That is, until two resourceful girls groom a wimpy ninth grade candidate to run against him. A look at popularity in politics, athletes vs. mathletes, and the fight to climb the social ladder of high school.”


Bully For You

(2M, 2F, 2 M or F, various extras)

“When a random locker is vandalized on the first day of school with a nasty word, students wonder who is behind it. The basketball star, the freshman, the cheerleader, the school president, the AV club, and the Principal all have a stake in the vandal’s identity. A look at the culture of bullying so pervasive in today’s high schools.”



(5M, 3F)

“Two elementary school friends reunite in high school to work on a class assignment. Their shared good grade is cause for celebration and revelation. How much does friendship change as we grow up? Meanwhile, a group of bored teenagers run an unsuccessful restaurant with an enthusiastic brand new manager. Serious themes with a twist of humour like social class, friendship, and sexuality.”


Keeping it Real

(4M, 4F, 2 M or F)

“A group of classmates and friends are thrilled to realize that they will be the stars of the new season of the hottest high school reality series, Keeping it Real (inspired by MTV series like Laguna Beach or Jersey Shore). Producers arrive and attempt to amp up conflict, exploit friendships for ratings, and cast people as one-dimensional characters. A look at our obsession with reality TV, our appetite for drama, and the bonds of friendship.”


The Fourth

(4F, 3M)

After a romantic gesture goes awry, four roommates become three, and those remaining three must find a fourth or they risk breaking a lease and losing their home and their friendship. This light comedy is also suitable for college-aged students, but can skew younger as well.