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Julie Klausner


“I can’t imagine a world in which I was born gay and wasn’t completely proud, to the point of arrogance. It’s like you are the REAL chosen people. You’re smarter, funnier, warmer, kinder, more capable of emotional intelligence, more stylish, and just straight-up more incredible than anybody else on this planet.”

That’s how Julie Klausner responded when asked what it means to have capital-P Pride in 2013. She’s known for such broad, unapologetic declarations—and, judging by the ticket sales for her upcoming headlining appearance at the Toronto Pride Week edition of Bitch Salad, a queer comedy show, the feeling is mutual. Klausner, who is New York-based, is an author (she wrote the 2010 bestselling dating memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band, and the recently released young-adult novel, Art Girls Are Easy), a host (her interview show, How Was Your Week, has been called “one of the few essential podcasts” by the New York Times), a television writer (she writes for Billy Eichner’s manic pop-culture quiz show Billy On the Street), a cabaret and sketch performer, and a contributor to Vulture, Spin, Jezebel, and the New York Times. She’s also a cultural critic, a tastemaker, and a redhead.

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