The Creative Portfolio

of James Ostime



I am a writer, editor, researcher, playwright, blogger, copywriter, and person. I’ve been lucky to work on many different projects for a wide variety of audiences and this website is my attempt to showcase these endeavors. Without getting too esoteric, let me emphasize just how fortunate I feel to have the opportunity to write for pleasure and (occasionally) profit. I’ve worked for magazines in print like Saskatoon Well Being Magazine, and online via Interview Magazine. I write the newsletters and mail outs for community publications like Oliver News through my work writing marketing materials for Edmonton Meals on Wheels. I have contributed academic text to works like First in Canada: An Aboriginal Book of Days by first author Dr. Jonathan Anuik, and have co-authored other pieces with him for The Canadian Journal of Native Education and Prairie Forum Magazine. I’ve written copy for products and services from ab-rollers to vacation homes to aluminum siding to dog groomers for companies like and iOPW Marketing. I’ve written plays for high school aged performers that have been performed in theatres and festivals across the country. I blog every week and tweet every day. I hope to keep working in all of these arenas and ask that if you like something you’ve read here, please pass it along. I write just hoping to be read and by perusing these samples, you validate my work and my passion. Click on through to see examples of my humour pieces, interviews, copywriting, blog entries, plays for young performers, and other fun stuff.